Christina Hovestadt

A lot of people want to give back, but many don’t know where to start.

When she's not working in Community Relations at the National Football League, Christina HAS DEDICATED HER LIFE TO GIVING BACK AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE. CHRISTINA partners with athletes, celebrities and EVERY DAY PEOPLE AND INSPIRES, EMPOWERS AND EQUIPS THEM TO LEAVE A LEGACY BIGGER THAN THEMSELVES by making giving back accessible and easy.

As a former collegiate volleyball player, Christina knew the impact that a teacher and coach could have on a student's life.  After a brief stint of working in television news, Christina decided to take her passion for the youth into the classroom and on the court to a high school in Jacksonville, Florida. From passionately teaching students who couldn't pass the state standardized assessment in reading, to showing tough love and motivating players on the court who desperately needed a mentor, encouraging youth quickly became a passion that turned global when she began her work as Executive Director of the Rashad Jennings Foundation - led by former NFL RB and Dancing With The Stars Champ, Rashad Jennings.

After branding programs for NFL players around the 32 teams through the RJF, Christina took a leap of faith and moved to New York City in February to begin her position with the NFL.

Christina is passionate about combining her faith with philanthropy and using sports for positive social change. She loves empowering communities with a focus on building and equipping people to live purpose-driven lives. Because she's experienced the impact of sports on her own life, she loves to empower players from around the 32 teams to realize the platform they have to make a difference in communities nationwide. 

Christina is a trusted speaker at public and private schools and organizations around the nation.

Though she has had the opportunity to speak on many platforms in the sports industry, and the opportunity to speak in schools, in locker rooms and in board rooms, Christina's message is consistent: 

Live intentionally and activate your life with purpose.